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At Raining Virtue, we know your goal is to build a better system. We are here to help you navigate.

It begins by understanding your business. Our experienced leadership team founded Raining Virtue after establishing successful track records at other firms, and with a history of success in all sectors of the economy. Now united as Raining Virtue, we have come together to ripple good things out into every organization in every industry we touch.

We analyze processes and identify weak points, creating improvements that drive performance, help you leverage data, and make the most of new technologies.

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A smart analytic strategy is at the heart of your business intelligence.

Leaders who are empowered to make rapid, data-driven decisions bring lasting benefit to their organizations. Analytic examination helps you identify opportunities and manage risk. During times of change, effectively tracking the impact of changes made to an organization yields unparalleled insight into the efficacy of your approach and makes it easy to facilitate change.

The Raining Virtue team has extensive experience helping our clients marshal data and bring disparate data streams together at a macro level, giving our clients deeper understanding of their companies and their industries, and empowering them to make fast, intelligent decisions.

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Change Management

A transition is an opportunity for growth.

Raining Virtue helps companies move away from old methods and old ways of thinking, to cultivate innovation at a cultural and a technical level, from the inside out. We help companies restructure and realign old systems, rebuild procedures and realign workforces.

With sensitivity and flexibility, we bring lasting change to every organization we touch.

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Digital Services

Anticipating the need for change is critical.

Extending beyond your core applications, our team implements solutions that drive your business forward.

With simplicity in mind we provide options for data infrastructure and security. The consolidation of a company’s digital model enhances the experience and efficiency of your workforce and customers, and brings clarity to internal evaluations. We don’t believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Instead we direct individual transformations that enable companies to thrive in a digital age.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Every step of the M&A process presents an opportunity to maximize value.

Our team brings strategy, diligence, and sensitivity to each of our interactions and recommendations. We design scalable solutions that help businesses prepare for -- and fully realize the benefits of -- M&A.

In the light of our comprehensive research, hard choices become informed decisions. By clarifying strategic objectives and facilitating effective negotiation, we help our clients achieve their visions and build systems that sustain success.

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Through analysis and action, we align businesses to be efficient and effective.

Balancing local logistics with big-picture goals is a challenge implicit across all industries. Raining Virtue helps our clients coordinate systems and communications. We cut through logistic complexities to streamline performance. At every opportunity we strive to enhance quality and resource organization.

Pushing for a competitive advantage, we deliver our clients an optimal operations model and the knowledge they need to deploy it.

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Project Management

From technology to business and across all sectors we help teams organize the successful completion of objectives. We take an active approach to your initiatives with help you meet essential deadlines.

Our supervision encourages efficiency and progressive innovation. By anticipating and dissolving potential roadblocks, we help your team stay focused on long-term objectives.

The Raining Virtue team's dynamic work experiences allow us to share successful techniques from other industries to help you maximize productivity. We help our clients exceed expectations and promote lasting growth.

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Strategic Consulting

Building an agile and adaptable business takes more than just initiative.

The Raining Virtue team has partnered with firms across all sectors to forge successful business strategies. Our diverse insights benefit every collaboration, as we tailor a growth-minded strategy for your organization’s future.

From merging incompatible systems to standardizing business rules and terminology, our goal is to make a complex process manageable for everyone involved. With our strategic consultations we push companies to identify opportunities. Our mission is to help you realize your company’s vision.

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Integration Experts

We are Kronos, Microsoft Dynamics, and IFS system integration experts. Whether you’re consolidating, integrating or upgrading systems, our experienced consulting professionals incorporate proven methods, tools and utilities to ensure timely, accurate and successful migrations. Our methods, tools and utilities provide the following.

  1. A simple way to organize migration scripts (scripts are stored in a SQL database)
  2. An automated extract generation in SQL Loader Format
  3. A way to specify lookup values outside of vendor supplied migration tools
    •  This results in fewer migration runs
  4. A user friendly web application to administer migration processes and steps
    • Specialized client tools are not required
  5. An automatically generated pre-migration database
    • Allows business to perform pre-validation before actual migration is preformed
    • Greatly reduces the number of migration passes required
    • Provides reporting capabilities
  6. Can be run without any specialized client tools, only a web-browser is required
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